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fpv goggles cheapWhile it was easy to get swept up in the buzz surrounding DJI's latest launch event, the Mavic Pro wasn't the only product announced. With that being said - if you are an experience or semi-experienced drone pilot then I think you should be looking for something more advanced than the Fatshark Predator V2. However, if you are relatively new to FPV then these goggles will be great to kickstart your flying experience.

HeadPlay, (There is a brand name thats hard to forget) is not some new kid on the block, and designed the original Headplay PCS which was the first 800 x 600 resolution goggle with IPD adjustment, diopter adjustment, and 3D support, Headplay invested 26 million in the first PCS goggles.

Pilots wishing to use the new Base HD headset for traditional FPV flight via 5.8ghz video transmission will require an external receiver/base station, attached via the goggles HDMI port, although digital input can be slightly more latent than analog.

Lastly, all of this just goes to further emphasize how important trying goggles for yourself is. I would highly recommend seeking out drone racing events in your area to try various goggles at product booths or to politely ask other pilots if you can try on their goggles.

You don't have the drone in the line of sight, so it might happen that you fly the drone into an object while flying sideways, and that is why it is always a good idea to have someone by your side to have the drone in the line of sight while you fly so that he/she can warn you.

Alan is an FAA-certified drone pilot and founded UAV Coach in 2014 to help connect drone enthusiasts, to provide world-class sUAS industry training courses, and to help push the drone community forward with a focus on safety and commercial opportunities.

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