Todays Cash Price
Prices subject to change  #2 Heating Oil-$2.429 Kerosene - $2.979 

Now A Division of Fabian Oil

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Delivery Areas

Acton Mon, Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Alfred Mon, Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Buxton Mon, Wed. (K1)& Fri.
Cornish Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
Dayton Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Hollis Daily (K1 Wed.&Thur.)
Kezar Falls Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
LAC Daily (K1 Wed.&Thur.)
Lebanon Mon, Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Limerick Daily (K1 Wed.&Thur.)
Limington Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
Lyman Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Newfield Mon, Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Parsonfield Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
Porter Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
S. Hiram Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
Sanford Mon, Wed.(K1) & Fri.
Shapleigh Mon, Wed. (K1)& Fri.
Springvale Mon, Wed. (K1)& Fri.
Steep falls Tues. & Thurs.(K1)
Waterboro Daily (K1 Wed.&Thur.)
Wells Wed. (K1)
 K-1 Delivery Wed. and Thur. Please check your area.