Todays Cash Price
Prices subject to change  #2 Heating Oil-$2.429 Kerosene - $2.979 

Now A Division of Fabian Oil

Deer Pond Fuel History

Billy Hanson, Jr. and his wife Sherry Hanson opened the doors of Deer Pond Fuel for business in 1998. Once a commercial fisherman and captain of his own boat, Billy Hanson, Jr. was a true entrepreneur. At a very young age Billy developed an exemplary work ethic, which proved beneficial to him in his later years. His business endeavors also included B & B Fish Market and Deer Pond Variety in Hollis Center.

Mr. Hanson passed away in 2007. Those who knew him referred to him as a friendly, hard working man and someone who was always willing to lend helping hand. His success in business proved itself over the years, and Deer Pond Fuel in Waterboro, Maine exists and thrives today because of the groundwork he laid.

Deer Pond Fuel is now owned by Billy’s late wife Sherry and his daughter Christal Denis. Christal spent over 20 years working along-side her parents. She now oversees the day to day operations of the business.

Fourteen years after their doors opened, Deer Pond Fuel now serves over 10,000 customers in 24 towns. They are a company dedicated to customer service and growth. In the business of fuel delivery, storage and service growth is essential. Deer Pond Fuel has been successful in achieving growth and is now adding staff, increasing their services, expanding their fleet and able to compete with the larger fuel companies.

In light of this growth, the company now has direct buying power, which allows them to assist their customers in establishing individual, tailored plans for their needs. In an ever-changing environment, at a time when budgeting is essential, Deer Pond Fuel is able to give their customers peace of mind by helping them plan for their monthly fuel needs and / or pre-buying their fuel.

In the spirit of community, as set forth by Deer Pond Fuel’s late owner, Billy Hanson, Jr., the company participates in several local programs.

Deer Pond Fuel accepts LI-Heap, a state-funded fuel-assistance program.
Deer Pond Fuel also participates in the Joe Kennedy for Oil Program, which gives 100 gallons of free fuel each year to a family in need.
Waterboro also has a local fuel assistance program, which Deer Pond Fuel supports by working with the town to offer a discounted rate to local families in need of assistance.

Office hours at Deer Pond Fuel are from 8:00 – 3:30 Monday through Friday during the summer & 8:00 – 4:00 during the winter; however, “if we are in, than we are open” , is the attitude of the owners and their employees. They also offer 24 hour emergency services such as fuel delivery and burner service.